Skin Care & Waxing

Salon INXS skin care experts have the ability to restore and preserve your skin’s natural appearance and share with you the knowledge to maintain a gorgeous, healthy complexion. We employ an in-depth skin analysis in order to address a variety of concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and much more.

Our skilled technicians can also help you avoid the side effects of at-home hair removal methods. We provide a safe and clean environment where you can feel at ease, as your hair removal needs are taken care of with precision.

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Skin Care  
Express Facial
30 minute skin refresh
European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial
An excellent treatment for maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion. Customized especially for you, this facial includes exfoliation, steam, extraction of impurities, serum/antibacterial treatment, face and upper body massage, hand and arm massage, mask, and hydrating moisturizer.
Add Ons For Deep Pore Cleansing Facial$17+
Designer Peels
Our I PEEL collection is formulated to rejuvenate, brighten, smooth wrinkles, detoxify, protect and energize for youthful, radiant skin.
The O2 Lift Facial
This Luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous , refreshed and rejuvenated. This relaxing facial will begin by massaging your face with papaya and pineapple enzymes which will exfoliate the surface of the skin. Next, a cutting-edge effervescent masque will oxygenate the skin at cellular level. Your esthetician will then apply a pure plant stem cell enhancer, which will rejuvenate and assist in preventing signs of aging. You will leave Salon INXS glowing with a tinted moisturizer that will illuminate your skin and provide the utmost environmental protection. Be "Event Ready' with this facial for any special occasion.
Microdermabrasion is an incredible resurfacing technique used to reduce age spots, soften fine lines, and treat acne or other scars. This treatment helps reduce imperfection and sun damage, without compromising the skin's integrity. Depending on the area treated, you will notice an immediate improvement in your skin's appearance, and as your treatment program progresses, the results dramatically continue. Unlike chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or plastic surgery, there is little to no down time. The result is smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. Very effective in a series with each week building on the previous week's treatment.


Brow $18+